Napoleonic Rules

The rules I am currently using are Big Napoleonic Battles: here and QR sheet. These grew out of Bloody Big Battles, and retain their core mechanism, but much else has been modified to give a game that feels more Napoleonic than the original, designed for wars 50 years later. Units of typically four bases represent divisions, and a turn represents an hour. These rules are pared down and give a good multi-player club game. with units representing divisions.

Meanwhile here are the rules that I developed for the Vitoria game in 2013. These produce a longer game with half-hourly turns and brigade-sized units. Here is the latest version of the rules: 2.02: DTN V2-02 and an accompanying quick reference sheet DTN V2-02 QR.  Version 2.02 of the rules  is a development of V2.01 (!) with which we staged our Vitoria refight. It makes quite a few significant tweaks, but it is of fundamentally the same design.

Great Northern War rules

My rules are called Carolus Rex. They are designed specifically for my Swedish and Russian armies in about 1708-09, could readily be applied to the Saxon and Danish armies, and the Russians and swedes throughout the period. 

Iron Cross House Rules

Here is my first attempt at house rules: Iron Cross House Rules V1 Iron Cross HR V1 QR

Seven days to the Rhine for WW2

If you find my house rules for Iron cross a bit over engineered (as my friends at the club did) I have this much simpler adaptation of the Iron Cross’s Cold War cousin, together with a simple QR sheet covering main mid-war British, US and German vehicle and weapon types.

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