Napoleonic Rules

Here is the latest version of the rules: 2.02: DTN V2-02 and an accompanying quick reference sheet DTN V2-02 QR. These are in a very basic pdf form, with no hotlinks. I will work out how to produce something more functional in due time, when I produce a heavy-duty version of the rules.

Version 2.02 of the rules  is a development of V2.01 (!) with which we staged our Vitoria refight. It makes quite a few significant tweaks, but it is of fundamentally the same design.

A much more fundamental rewrite is under way, with one hour periods (as opposed to half-hour) and standardised unit strengths, among many, many other things. This is proving more radical than I originally intended, so it will take a while before it is ready for publication.

Meanwhile here are my house rules for Bloody Big BattlesBBB House rules Napoleonic 2018 09 and QR BBB House rules Napoleonic 2018 09 QR. To explain what I have done and why: BBB House rules Napoleonic Design Notes 2018 09. BBB are designed for later Napoleonic warfare in Europe, and are bases on the Fire and Fury game system. But unlike Age of Eagles, based on the same system, they are pared down and meant for bigger battles – just like my rules. They are quite easy to pick up and produce an absorbing game. My house rules tailor them for the Napoleonic era. They are slightly more complicated, but because casualties are higher, they can produce a quicker and more decisive game.

Iron Cross House Rules

Here is my first attempt at house rules: Iron Cross House Rules V1 Iron Cross HR V1 QR

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