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Vitoria article now published

Better late than never! Miniature Wargames has now published my article on Vitoria 1813. This is a signal for me to  get this blog up and running as proper public proposition. So far I have kept its light under a bushel.

The resources on this project referred to in the article, are on the Battles section of the site. This is the sum output of many months of research!

My current project is the production of my 15/18mm Prussian 1815 army, and the upgrade of a multi-period French one to oppose it. Some posts on this shortly.

Meanwhile the next version of my rules is slow going, as the rewrite is proving very radical, and so slow going. This is liable to be a bit quiet for now!

Vitoria article on the way!

I have submitted the draft of an article to Miniature Wargames which seems destined for publication. The editor has not rejected it yet anyway – which he did to my effort a year ago. If this article does get published it will effectively mark the public launch of the Dining Table Napoleon project.

The article is an account of the Vitoria game we staged last November, set in parallel with an account of the actual battle, and accompanied by pictures of the game. It will point readers in the direction of resources published on this site.

My effort a year ago (which followed what the previous editor of MW seemed to want) was a much more serious effort: one article on the historical battle, and one on how to set up a historical scenario. But no actual game – and that is what readers were more interested in. It took a major effort to get that game going – but it does give the project a much better basis to bring to the public. I didn’t have a working set of rules a year ago – and was resorting to the use of Grande Armee.

Still the original articles were quite good – and I will publish revised versions here.

Meanwhile I need to finish those resources: the rules, detailed orders of battle and scenario notes.